Grassy Hill 1-Sm

Grassy Hill Farm, Falls Village

Preserved in 2007
37.5 acres with pasture for local dairy and beef operations

Richard and Mary Lanier donated an easement on their 37.5-acre farm.  Grassy Hill Farm has been continuously farmed since 1742 when the Falls Village area was first settled.  The 37.5-acre farm is now the visual center of the scenic village.  The property’s 25 acres of fields are used primarily as hay and pasture land for a local small scale grass fed beef operation and the last full-time dairy farmer in Falls Village.

The farm is privately owned and is not open to the public.

“Grassy Hill is a small, traditional Connecticut farmscape, and we wanted to be sure that it stayed that way. It is an important visual feature in Falls Village, and it would be a real loss if it were ever developed.” – Richard Lanier