Conservation Options for CT Farmland

A guide for landowners, land trusts, and municipalities regarding programs and tools throughout the state. Includes information about agricultural conservation easements, taxes, and funding.
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Economic Impacts of Connecticut’s Agricultural Industry

This 2010 report by the University of Connecticut’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The study found that the impact of Connecticut’s agricultural industry was up to $3.5 billion, and that the industry generates approximately 20,000 jobs statewide.
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Farmland ConneCTions

A guide for Connecticut towns, institutions, and land trusts regarding the use and lease of farmland. It outlines the growing importance of leased land in the state’s agricultural industry.
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Planning for Agriculture

A guide to help Connecticut municipalities in creating plans for conservation and development. It describes tools available in consideration of the creation of town plans open to promoting agriculture.
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New England Food Policy:

Building a Sustainable Food System
This report describes the policy barriers and gaps around increasing production and consumption of regionally-produced food in New England.
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New England Food Vision

This collaborative presents the requirements necessary for New England to produce 50% of the region’s needs by 2060, including agricultural expansion to more than triple the current value of food production.
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Northeast Economic Engine

A 2015 report by Farm Credit East detailing the economic impacts of agriculture, commercial fishing, forest products and related industries in the northeast.
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Public Act 490: A Practical Guide

A guide to Public Act 490, Connecticut’s land use assessment law, which allows  farmland, forestland, and open space lands to be taxed at their use value rather than their highest and best use value.
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American Farmland Trust 

A national organization committed to education, collaboration, and advocacy regarding the protection of farmland throughout the US.


Connecticut Department of Agriculture 

Information about CT Grown products, farmers’ markets, and resources regarding the Farmland Preservation Program.


Connecticut Farm Bureau 

A membership organization dedicated to advocacy and education on agriculture-sensitive issues such as land use, labor, economic viability, taxation, and farmland protection.


Farmland Information Center 

A project of American Farmland trust with support from USDA-NRCS, FIC is a learning center for people working to save farm and ranch land.



New Connecticut Farmer Alliance

A statewide network of new farmers and growers state seeking to create a social, educational, and successful agricultural community.


Land For Good

An organization providing support and guidance to help farmers, landowners, and communities navigate challenges of land access, tenure, and transfer.


UConn Agricultural Extension Service

UConn Extension specialists work in communities across Connecticut as educators, problem solvers, catalysts, collaborators and stewards.



The United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service provides America’s farmers and ranchers with financial and technical assistance to make conservation a reality.


Working Lands Alliance

A diverse network of individuals dedicated to protecting Connecticut’s working lands. 




Connecticut FarmLink 

The FarmLink program works to pair farmers with available lands.

New England Farmland Finder 

A project of Land for Good, NEFF is a searchable listing with maps and information about the properties listed.

Real estate listings specializing in farm properties and undeveloped land.

Farm and Ranch Living 

Property listings for Connecticut, maintained by Farm and Ranch Living magazine.