Hunt Hill Farm, New Milford


Protected by: Connecticut Farmland Trust, USDA-NRCS, Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust
Year Protected: 2009
Acres: 44

CFT partnered with the Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust to preserve 44 acres of Hunt Hill Farm.  A successful dairy for almost three centuries, the farm is now leased to a local farmer who produces hay, pumpkins, corn, and Christmas trees. The 44 acres border the remainder of the original farm that was previously protected and is now owned by the Town of New Milford.

CFT secured funding from the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service for the purchase of a conservation easement on the farm.  Additional funding was provided by CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, USDA/Natural Resource Conservation Service, Town of New Milford, and Hunt Hill Farm Trust.

The farm located is at Upland Road and Crossmon Road and includes walking trails that are open to the public.