What We Do

You can’t live without the land that grows your food. Once it’s turned into a subdivision, it’s gone forever. We work to make sure that farmland will be there forever, so that the next generation of farmers will always have fields to sow and our children will have tomatoes on their plates.




Working together with statewide organizations, governmental agencies, municipalities, and local land trusts, we bring together funds to procure agricultural conservation easements on lands. As stewards of the land, we hold these easements in perpetuity – so the farms will stay farms forever.




What is an agricultural conservation easement, you ask?

Agricultural conservation easements are voluntary, legal agreements that permanently protect farmland by restricting nonagricultural development on that land. The landowner willingly gifts or sells their right to develop their land for non-agricultural use.

Farmers retain ownership of the land, as well as the rights to sell, gift, transfer, or lease it. Meanwhile, they can also reap the financial benefits of an easement sale and gain the peace of mind knowing that their farm will never become a subdivision.

Easements often allow land to be sold at its “use value”, rather than its “fair market value” or “highest and best use value”. This enables new and expanding farmers to acquire affordable farmland.



There’s more to protecting farmland than promising not to pave over fields. An easement is a landowner’s promise to care for the land. The goal of stewardship is to ensure that the terms of the easement are abided by. We make sure that if the land changes hands, the new landowners understand the terms of easement. Baseline documentation is established and yearly inspections are enacted to monitor changes and to keep track of new issues or concerns.