Johnson Farm, Branford

Protected by: Connecticut Farmland Trust, Town of Branford, Branford Land Trust
Year Protected: 2011
Acres: 37

The Town of Branford, Branford Land Trust and Connecticut Farmland Trust partnered to conserve the 37-acre Johnson Farm, one of the last farms in the heavily populated shoreline town.  The farm’s high quality agricultural soils and crop fields that support a local protected dairy farm made the property a high ranking project for CFT.  Surrounded on three sides by more than 1,000 acres of protected land, the farm had been one of the Town of Branford’s and Branford Land Trust’s highest priorities for preservation for 14 years.

CFT secured funding from the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service to purchase an easement on the farm.  Additional funds were provided by the Town of Branford’s Open Space Acquisition Fund and General Fund and Branford Land Trust.

The farm is privately owned and is not open to the public.