Random Farm, Ashford


Protected by: Connecticut Farmland Trust
Year Protected: 2004
Acres: 212

William Paradis donated a conservation easement on his family’s farm to fulfill his and his late wife Dorothy’s desire to insure that their land remain a working farm.  Farmed since the early 1700s, the 212-acre former dairy is now a horse farm and the new owners plan to also raise grass-fed beef.  The farm is part of 700+ contiguous acres of protected land, which includes a 400-acre farm protected by the CT Farmland Preservation Program.  Approximately 1,400 acres of active farmland lie within two miles of the farm.  Paradise Farm is privately owned and is not open to the public.

“Connecticut Farmland Trust is much needed and fills an important gap.  Dorothy and I considered many different preservation options.  None of them satisfied our desire to ensure our land would remain a working farm.  The Trust presented us with the best possible alternative.” – Bill Paradis