Skaats Farm, Lebanon

Protected by: Connecticut Farmland Trust, Town of Lebanon, USDA-NRCS
Year Protected: 2011
Acres: 32

Similar to a number of Connecticut Farmland Trust’s project, Skaats Farm is too small to qualify for the state’s Farmland Preservation Program.  While relatively small, Skaats Farm – and others like it – is an important part of the agriculture community in Lebanon and other small towns.  The farm includes more than 90% prime and important agricultural soils and is within approximately 1,500 acres of active farmland, 860 of which are permanently protected.  Cyr Farm is leased for corn production to nearby Cushman Farms, a member of The Farmer’s Cow dairy group.  It is the 5th farm protected in the town of Lebanon by CFT.

The purchase of an easement on the farm was funded by the USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Town of Lebanon and CFT’s Acquisition Fund.

The farm is privately owned and is not open to the public.