Stoney Hedge Farm, Lebanon

Protected by: Connecticut Farmland Trust
Year Protected: 2007
Acres: 22 

 Edward Tollmann donated an agricultural conservation easement on his 22-acre Stoney Hedge Farm.  Purchased by his family in 1947, the farm’s fields initially supported livestock and are now leased to a local dairy farmer for hay production.  Made up of a high percentage of prime and important agricultural soils, the farm is part of a near-contiguous 600-acre block of active farms in one of the town of Lebanon’s key agricultural areas.  Interested in protecting his farm for over 10 years, Tollmann was spurred on by his neighbors’ decision to preserve their 168-acre dairy farm with the Department of Agriculture’s Farmland Preservation Program.  Stoney Hedge Farm is the first farm in Lebanon protected by CFT.  The farm is privately owned and is not open to the public.

“I want to ensure that my family’s farm can be an active farm for generations to come – for my family or someone else’s.  The Trust has helped me do that.” – Ed Tollmann