Szegda Farm, Columbia

Protected by: Connecticut Farmland Trust, CT Department of Agriculture, Town of Columbia, USDA-NRCS
Year Protected: 2013
Acres: 131

The Szegda family has been farming in the town of Columbia since the early 1900s; in the 1980s, purchased an additional 109 acres of land, which is now known as the Szegda Farm. Preserving the land was a priority because of the high quality soils.

Szegda’s is directly across the road from Robinson’s Farm (40 acres protected by the state), and is within two miles of more than 600 acres of active farmland. Szegda’s Farm is a key parcel in a patchwork of agricultural activity.

“I am happy to preserve the land… continuing to operate my small dairy in my retirement brings me great joy.” -Ron Szegda