Vanishing Geese Farm, Durham

Protected by: Connecticut Farmland Trust
Year Protected: 2009
Acres: 43

James Scott donated a conservation easement on his family’s 42-acre farm.  The entire farm includes prime and statewide important agricultural soils.  Purchased by the Scotts in 1979, Vanishing Geese Farm was run as a commercial sheep operation and has transitioned to raising bees and grass fed beef and chickens.  There are approximately 1,000 acres of active farmland within two miles of the farm, including two farms protected by the state Farmland Preservation Program.

“Having worked the land, cut my firewood from it, raised sheep on it, and hayed it, I have developed a lot of affection for it. I told my kids that my chest was puffed out a little more and when I walked out in the snow, it was nice to know that this land will never be developed.  I feel that I’ve kind of kept faith with the land and with the critters on it.”