Farnham Farm of Morris Protected Forever

Protected by: Connecticut Farmland Trust, Morris Land Trust
Year Protected: 2017
Acres: 138

In partnership with the Morris Land Trust, we have jointly preserved 138 acres pre-Revolutionary era Farnham Farm in Morris.

Farnham Farm, located in a quilt-work of agricultural fields, woods and rural residents, is intersected by the well-known Mattatuck Trail. One hundred and thirty-eight acres of hay and pasture fields contain forty-three percent prime or important farmland soils. 

Currently owned by Anne Howson Fellows, the Farnham Farm has been passed down to a single-family member for eight generations since 1735, when John Farnham bought it from Hezekiah Culver an original Litchfield proprietor. A direct descendant of the Farnham family ran the operation until the mid-1800s. More recently, the property was held in trust by until the current owner, Anne Fellows, was chosen to inherit the property. “I am very excited about the future of the farm,” said Fellows, the second female owner in the farm’s long history. Anne is now in negotiations with Ethan Coutu, who works at Arethusa Dairy Farm, to begin dairy farming once again.